New Year, New Things

The New Year is finally here and I have so much to be thankful for. The past year has had its ups and downs, but I’m ready to tackle the year ahead. One thing I’m grateful for was the chance to visit the Philippines to see my family and celebrate our reunion. That trip is the reason I never got to set any resolutions, but I did give them some thought before I left. The last two weeks of the year were so hectic that the New Year just flew by; I never had the chance to celebrate it, as I was 30,000 feet in the air. As I settled back into my daily routine and adjusted to my usual sleeping habits, I was able to finally think of resolutions. I know by setting resolutions I will most likely fail within the first week or maybe even forget that I set any resolutions to begin with. To make sure I actually stay on track I needed an incentive - which already defeats one of my goals for the year. There are three things I want to achieve or do more of. These are small resolutions/goals that will take some time to set into daily habits, but are definitely doable. But because I thought about my goals a while back it gave me reason to splurge on my trip. I subconsciously bought items I thought would help enforce my new goals.

My first goal is to read more. I lose interest while reading books, so I decided it didn’t matter what I read as long as the content was relevant to me. What’s more interesting than a fashion magazine? I buy magazines and browse through for inspiration, but I don’t actually read it for the content. I usually pick articles and features to read, but I want to challenge myself and read it from cover to cover. My hope is to reduce stress, stimulate my mind, improve my memory and to immerse myself into a subject I feel excited about. My motivation for this new goal is Metro Magazine - a beautiful fashion magazine based in the Philippines. I bought several magazines during my trip, but I’ll start with this one. When you think about fashion magazines, the Philippines isn’t the first country that comes to mind. But this magazine can definitely compete with other magazines you see at the checkout stand. It has gorgeous photography, great design and you get to see fashion through the perspective of the Philippines.

My second goal is to be more organized. It’s not that I’m unorganized, but I can sometimes be inconsistent. I might be organized with how I arrange my room, but not with scheduling or keeping track of important tasks. So I bought this planner by the one and only, Karl Lagerfeld. I’m hoping that having a planner like this (fashion related) will keep me motivated to write down anything important. At this point everything is digital, you can do everything on your smartphone, tablet and computer, but I find typing notes and reminders in my phone a hassle. I still like to physically write notes to myself, so I think having this planner will be more beneficial for keeping track of my life. This planner is perfect; it’s pretty small so it’s easy to carry around. Plus the fashion elements and quotes make it fun to write in.

ironic because I’m trying to save. I think having a large wallet will help me keep track of receipts and coupons. The thing about small wallets is that you can only have the essentials in it, so I tend to throw away any receipts and never carry any change. With a large wallet I can hold more coupons, gift cards and punch cards, which will hopefully help on the occasions that I do spend money. I also see this wallet as a souvenir and an investment. I bought this in the Philippines, which is the first place I’ve seen a Fred Perry store, so this might have been the only chance to buy an item from Fred Perry that isn’t from online shopping. Also, if you know me I’m all about store experience! And a nice wallet is a great investment; it’s something you’d always use. It’s a quality leather wallet with a classic look that not only holds my money, credit cards, or receipts, but it’s large enough to also hold my phone. And I’m the person to never put my wallet or phone in my pockets. Think what you want, but I really think this will motivate me to be more responsible with my finances and spending.

And just to top it off I bought some new sunnies, but Sunnies! Unfortunately, I lost my Ray Bans during my trip, but I found a pair that looks exactly like my old ones and they cost 10 times less! I also bought some hair products from Bench/ Body. A part of saving money is finding great bargains, which all of these were under $10. 

I hope everyone has the motivation to also stick with his or her goals or resolutions. Don’t be afraid to fail, start over or to even scrap a goal for a new one! If you have any tips or recommendation for me, please share! And stay tuned for my travel blog of my trip to the Philippines