alma botanicals

You’ve been preparing your skin to be summer ready all year long, now that summer is here taking care of your skin is just as important. There are three ways that summer can harm your skin. 1. Heat and humidity can make your skin oily or dry it out. 2. Sweat pulls out any impurities from your pores and if you let that sweat dry out on your skin that can cause rashes, breakouts and other skin irritations. 3. Chlorine and Salt water can dehydrate and remove any essential oils from your skin. All these can affect your skin year round, but definitely more in the hot summer.

Thinking about readjusting your summer skincare routine?  Don’t sweat it, I have the answer - Alma Botanicals. I first found out about Alma Botanicals through Instagram and was drawn to their simplicity in their ingredients, philosophy and design. Not only do they use only natural ingredients free from chemicals and preservatives but their packaging is made from recycled material. I never used any of their products before, so I decided to try a little bit of everything from their super green mask to their hydrating oil and polish.

Super Green – This mask has two key ingredients, matcha and seaweed, which provides antioxidants and micronutrients that hydrates your skin and promotes the fade of fine line and wrinkles. I use this mask twice a week to help replenish my skin from all the washing and reapplying of sunscreen but to also moisturize my skin from being out in the hot sun. All you do is take a spoonful of powder with a few drops of water to create a paste and apply all over your face. I let it dry for 15 minutes and gently wash it off. You’re skin will feel tighter and smoother!



Hydrating Oil – This oil can be used for everything and anything. Alma Botanicals provides countless ways to use their oil: a face cleanser, makeup remover, lip, hair and face exfoliant, hair treatment, bath oil and an all around moisturizer. The oil is a combination of five organic oils: jojoba, sesame, camilla flower, rosehip seed and meadowfoam. As a whole, the oils softens dry skin, increases skin elasticity, aids the elimination of age spots, boosts collagen and keeps other essential oils and vitamins in the skin. I love using this right after a long hot shower. It’s a good way to keep your skin hydrated without using thick body creams and lotions. It keeps me feeling light and fresh.



Polish – nothing feels better than using this polish after spending hours in the city or at the beach with sweat dripping down your face and arms. The polish is made up of organic sugar, jojoba oil, mango butter, kokum butter and french rose clay. I use this polish before I shower by taking a small amount and gently massaging my face and other areas of my body that I want exfoliated and I wash it off in the shower. After using it, my skin feels lighter and smoother.



(visit their site to get an in-depth list and uses of the ingredients!)

These three simple products can help keep your skin healthy from the summer elements! Overall, I loved using Alma Botanicals. I love that they use quality ingredients that are not only safe for my skin but are cruelty-free. Also, there’s nothing better than supporting a local company - Alma makes all their products here in Seattle! I think anyone can find at least one Alma product that they can add to their skincare routine. I can’t wait to try their other products and hope you will too! Visit their website for a full list of their products and ingredients.