Skincare: Travel Edition

In less than a week I’ll be heading to the Philippines to visit family. I’m really excited for this trip. The Philippines is one of the most beautiful places that I’ve been too; beaches, views, and everything in between. But what I’m not excited about is the weather. I love sunshine, but humidity is no one’s best friend. The Philippines may be known for their gorgeous islands with white sand and clear water, but pollution overtakes the cities as they’re overpopulated with cars and people. With the humidity and pollution I have to prepare for the worst when it comes to my skin. Between my dry sensitive skin and eczema, I have to make sure I pack the right skincare items. Because I’m really excited for this trip I already started packing, so here’s a peek at my skincare.

Face | I’m 100% sure my face will be dripping with sweat from the scorching heat or covered in dust as I walk around the city. Here are a few essentials that I’ll need to take care of my face:

Wipes (8): Being constantly on the go these Yes To wipes are perfect. When you’re traveling you want to freshen up; especially in between activities. Also sometimes you don’t always have access to a restroom. These wipes are perfect for getting rid of any dried sweat or oil, and when you’re finished you can just toss the wipes in the trash.

Facial Wash (11): In the mornings I like to use LUSH’s Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash. It’s contains pineapple juice that rinses off the dirt and oil, and almond and orange oil that keeps the skin soft and smooth.

Coffee Mask  (2): In the evening, when I have to cleanse a day’s worth of impurities I use something much stronger, LUSH’s Cup O’ Coffee, face and body mask. The mask contains kaolin, which is a type of clay that absorbs any impurities from the pores. The main ingredient, coffee grounds, acts as a scrub and buffers any dry skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. Just apply over the face, and rise after 10 minute, it will leave you refreshed.

Moisturizer (10): Everyone knows moisturizing the face is just as important as cleansing it. Especially in dry weather it’s vital that you moisturize to hydrate the skin. This Neutrogena moisturizer for men not only hydrates the skin but it has SPF 15, protecting me from any sun damage.  

Skin | Keeping my skin hydrated is my biggest concern, especially with eczema and dry skin.

Hand Scrub (1): Traveling around and touching everything with my hands I use LUSH’s Salted Coconut Hand scrub to cleanse off any dirt. I’ll use it all over my hands, but really focus on areas with eczema. The sea salt will exfoliate the skin, while the coconut moisturizes and leaves the hand smelling tropical.

Hand Salve (9): Being on the go I’m sure I’ll be using hand sanitizer constantly. Hand sanitizers evaporate quickly, which dehydrates the skin even more. To keep this from happening, I use the Ultimate Strength Hand Salve by Kiehl's. This salve absorbs water from the atmosphere and keeps it on the surface of the skin. The thick cream isn’t oily and absorbs in the skin quickly.

Sunscreen (12): Sunscreen. There is no doubt that this is necessary. Everyone knows its purpose, but no one loves its texture and the residue it leaves on your skin. This Aveeno sunscreen not only protects the skin, but moisturizes it as well. It’s oil-free and quick absorbing, leaving no goopy residue and streaks.

Tanner (6): Naturally I’m tan, but living in Portland I tend to lose a lot of that color. This Neutrogena Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Lotion will give me that natural color and glowing effect with a gentle scent. With its first initial use it will give the skin subtle color, but will darken the more it is applied. This would be something I would use before my trip.

Other products needed for traveling

Cologne (3): Just for those special occasions, I thought about bringing a bottle of cologne, but of course we’re only allowed 2 oz. of liquid. So I’m bringing a small travel size of my Burberry Brit that will definitely pass security.

Blink Eye Drops (5): The very few times that I will wear contacts I’m sure they will be dry and irritated by the dust. These drops will help moisturize my contacts.

Hair (7): I swear by American Crew. The fiber paste has a strong hold without making my hair oily or heavy with product. It’s great for all day use, and if I need any touch ups I just run wet fingers through my hair!

Nivea Lip balm (4): Traveling or not, lip balm is something that I always have with me. It goes on very smooth and keeps me hydrated for hours. The good thing is that the lip balm has SPF, protecting me from the scorching sun.

These seems like a lot, but with the drastic weather change from cold to hot paired with my type of skin, it’s important to keep it healthy and clean. When traveling it’s a good idea to try and keep your personal hygiene routine with you as much as possible and to adjust that routine depending on your destination. But the most important thing of all is to remember what can  and can’t be on your carry-on. Any gels, liquids and pastes must be placed in a quart-sized bag. Each item can only be 3.4 ounces and anything else should be checked-in.

If you have any skincare travel tips, share them in the comments. I hope everyone has a great holiday and safe travels! Down below are some of my favorite travel kits from Nordstrom