Fall Rain Boots

For the longest time I avoided rain boots, but living in Portland they’re a must. Walking to campus in the pouring rain with canvas or suede shoes was one of the most uncomfortable feelings in my life. Not only were my feet wet and cold, but I also ruined my shoes. So I set out on a mission to find a pair of rain boots that I actually liked. I did not want to wear knee high rubber boots and I didn’t want to look like a little kid who jumped in every puddle he saw. So you could imagine my excitement when I found these Hunter Boots!

Over the weekend, I paid a visit the pumpkin patch.  We all know that when we hear the word “pumpkin patch”, you better be prepared for some rain, dirt and mud - especially living here in the Pacific Northwest.   With the wet weather we had over the weekend, it gave me the perfect opportunity to break out my boots and put them to use!

 Because I’ve never worn rain boots before, I don’t have anything to compare them to, but in my opinion these boots are the best and here’s why:  First off, we have the combat boot style; they don’t even look like rain boots. They look more rugged than typical rain boots. Secondly, the laces are perfect; they make it easier for me to tuck in my jeans and for putting them on and taking them off. The laces also make the boots more comfortable. Unlike other rubber boots you can’t adjust the fitting , but with laces you can wear them as tight or as loose as you’d like. Lastly, they only go up to my shins, making it easier to walk in. Tall boots usually have a fixed size when it comes to how it fits around the legs, but if you would like something a little more loose and will allow for more movement, then  these short lace ups will be your best bet.

Even if these are rain boots, they’re perfect for walking around the city with and will definitely keep you comfortable. I paired these boots with a green bomber vest and of course, denim to keep with the combat vibe. I would recommend that you wear slim or fitted jeans with these boots, making them easier to tuck into your boots. Wearing regular or boot cut jeans will untuck and balloon over your boots, making you look frumpy.

Because I bought these boots 2 years ago, they unfortunately aren’t being sold anymore, but here are some other alternatives that I recommend!

1.   Ted Baker (Epsalo) shop

These boots from Ted Baker have a Doc Marten/Rocker vibe, but don’t let the cool style fool you. The insides are lined with fabric, for extra warmth and they have a shaped footbed for comfort.

2.   Converse (Chuck Taylor All Star City Hiker Hi) shop

If you’ve got a laid back style and you’ve been a loyal Converse fan then these are perfect for you. You   get the classic All Star look while staying dry. These All Stars have a rubber exterior and treaded bottoms giving you extra traction on the slick ground.

3.   Hunter (Original Lace-Up) shop

Hunter Boots are everyone’s go to, they’re simple yet fashionable. These lace-ups give you the same look and feel of Hunter’s Original boots with a hip and edgy feel. They’re very similar to the pair that I have, but the monotone color is more slick and classic.