V Day

I’m one of those people who can’t stand Valentine’s Day (aka Single Awareness Day). It’s a little over-the-top and the decorations for the holiday are cheesy. I can’t stand the overwhelming amount of hearts heart-shaped everything and how all you can see is pink and red, which is the most obnoxious color combination ever. If you’re going to give someone like me a valentine’s day gift, that could be a little tricky. Here are a few basic, but cute and affordable gift ideas that are perfect for that special someone for Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year.

White Flowers. Red roses are the go-to flower for the holiday. I think red roses are pretty, but I also think that they’re too cliché and over-the-top. When buying flowers I like to think the simpler the better. This is why I chose white tulips; they’re modest and fresh. Flowers are something the recipient will place in their home, so I like to receive flowers that will brighten up my home. With white flowers, not just tulips can really freshen up a room.

Emoji cards by Madz Design. Cards are a staple gift in any holiday, but for Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to express your love for someone with words. I picked up this cute emoji card from Wild Fang in Portland. It’s the perfect card that you can give to your special someone or even your family. With smartphones everyone uses emojis, and it’s a cute way to say ‘I love you’ to someone without using any words

SWEETS! The best foolproof gift you can give anyone on Valentine’s Day is anything sweet. You can never go wrong with food, especially when they’re decorated and cute! Just like red roses, chocolates are the go to sweets for this holiday. But why not be different and playful? I picked three of my favorite treats from around town that anyone would love.

1.     Macaroons from Whole Foods

2.     Shortbread Cookies from Rae’s Bakery

3.     Candy from Quin

The right gift is everything, but not as much as spending time with your loved ones! I hope you loved my simple last minute gift list, and if you don’t have a Valentine then don’t forget to treat yourself! 

Extra Festive

This is what it looks like when you try to fit in your Christmas traditions into one weekend before you leave for your trip.  Within the last two weeks I went around to my favorite holiday spots, baked cookies, sipped gingerbread lattes, blasted Christmas music and binge watched holiday specials.  If you’re tight on time like I was, here are some simple holiday cookies and gifts that are easy to make and are definitely festive and don’t cost much! 

1. Rifle Paper Co. Holiday Cards

Anything from Rifle Paper Co. is amazing! All of their cards are simple and cute, but the best part is that they’re made in the USA. The hand illustration design gives the card a special touch. This particular set has a nutcracker design, but they offer a wide range of designs that will make you very merry! Just receiving a sweet Christmas card can really brighten you day.  You can get this holiday card set along with other designs at www.riflepaperco.com, amazon or any stationary store.

2. Hammond’s Candy and Chocolate

Target is really stepping up their game in the home and holiday departments, and this is where I found Hammond’s. I first fell in love with its vintage, but sophisticated packaging.  They carry a variety of treats from chocolate bars, candy canes, brittle and lollipops. You can get these sweet treats at target, all for under $3 each!

3. Homemade treats and cookies

I decided to make these cookies because they were super easy to make, but festive nonetheless. Because I had no time I wanted something that was sweet and cute, didn't need much decorating. Cookies are a great gift to give, especially if you give an assortment and them put into a burlap bag wrapped in a ribbon.

I wish everyone peace and joy this Christmas season and remember that the best gift is the time you spend with family and friends! 


Target Haul: Plaid Edition

One of my favorite things to do is go to Target. It doesn’t matter if I’m looking for something specific or not, I will always walk out with something. Target has everything that I love, from clothing to home goods. I even bought my new iPhone from Target; it’s literally a one-stop shop. Every trip to Target has been rewarding, but this past week’s haul was the best yet!

Every single thing that I bought was discounted and had a plaid pattern! And if you know me, plaid is my favorite pattern, especially during the holiday season. Let me know you what I excitingly bought!

First off, Target is owning the home décor department. I mean gold and marble textured accessories, faux fur pillows and rugs, and even their candles are giving Diptyque a run for their money. A few weeks ago I saw this porcelain coffee carafe with a stainless steel gold lid from their home department. On the packaging it says it’s a French press - it's literally a fancy pitcher. Even if I can’t make coffee with this, it’s perfect for storing large batches of coffee I make for the whole week as it can hold up to 16 cups.The best part of this purchase? It was 70% off! It was originally priced at $19.99, but I got it for $5.98!

Also coming from the home department is this mini rolling pin. It’s great for small projects because of it’s size (hint: I used it for next week’s post). Because of the outer paint, I don’t think I’d use it on food because it might transfer. It’s made out of stoneware, so it’s pretty sturdy. It also has wooden handles making it easy to hold on to. Overall, it has a smooth roll and has been great so far. This too was discounted for 70%, and went from $12.00 to $3.99.

Moving away from the home department I found something I also had my eye on, these journals from the Adam Lippes for Target collection. Of course, his whole collection had a plaid theme going on from this ponchos down to his dog bowls. The only thing keeping me from buying the dog bowl was the fact that I don’t own a dog. The set of journals comes in a set of three with three different designs. I haven’t used a journal yet, but they’re pocket sized, great for carrying around and taking quick notes. As a designer, I’m always finding inspirations and always needing to make notes to myself, so why not have a fashionable journal to write in? These journals were on clearance for 30%, buying them for $6.99 instead of $9.99. 

The plaid plate I bought was from a few weeks back from Target's Threshold line, it wasn't on sale but still a great price of $3.99! And the scarf was not a Target purchase, but went with everything else!  

What to learn how to be a super Target shopper like me? Here are some quick tips for shopping at target:

  • discount stickers- when you see that glorious red sale sticker on a product look up at the top right corner. The number indicated is the percentage markdown, so it can be from 15, 30, 50 and 70 percent off. Only holiday items can be marked down 90 percent. This will tell you if the product will be marked down even more. Also, when you look at the red sticker and the prices ends with .06 or .08, it will be marked down even further.
  • end aisles -the end of the aisles are where most of the clearance items will be

Happy Shopping!