The Maple Parlor

It’s never too cold for some frozen dessert, especially frozen yogurt or ice cream. This past weekend I visited a cute new soft-serve spot in Southeast Portland called The Maple Parlor. It’s located right in the heart of Hawthorne Boulevard, which is pretty much the hipster hangout. It’s in a perfect location, fitting in with the boutiques, vintage shops, music venues, cafes and restaurants. There’s only a handful of local soft-serve shops in Portland, and I think I found a new favorite!

Why is this place so awesome? Unlike any other soft-serve shops you don’t pay by how much your bowl weighs; you pay for the size of the bowl that you choose - small, medium and large. This is perfect for those who love to overdo it on the toppings like I do.

What do they have? I don’t have any dietary restrictions, but this place is great for those who do. They have vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and organic options for their soft-serve and toppings. Maple, which is their signature flavor, was my favorite, but they also have vanilla, coconut chocolate and strawberry beet. All the soft-serves are natural-made and were perfectly sweetened. Their toppings will also get you salivating. They have your typical toppings like fruit, nuts, sprinkles, candy and chocolate, but they also have toppings that will satisfy the more advanced taste buds.  Those toppings include sesame balls, bacon, cashew brittle and yummy sauces like Bourbon Coffee and Oregon Wild Berry Compote. What also makes this place stand out is they serve Kombucha, something I’ll have to get the next time I visit!

Other than the mouth-watering flavors and toppings, I am in love with the interior (the most important criteria for me as I decide if I like a place or not). As you first walk in, you see their beautiful accent wall with a bright blue floral patterned wallpaper and large M and P marquee letters that give it a vintage parlor vibe. In front of the blue wall is a large blue cushioned seat. The rest of the parlor has a minimal atmosphere, which made me really excited. White walls, tiles and countertops, brass fixtures and of course my favorite - marble tables.  It’s the perfect space with a minimal contemporary style with a retro parlor twist.

It’s such a great place to hang out with friends over some sweet treats. The atmosphere is fun and casual. Don’t let the sophisticated flavors and high-end interior intimidate you, the staff was very friendly and welcoming. I definitely recommend this new spot and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I will absolutely come back, summer or winter!

What we got:
(left) maple base with Chex, caramel popcorn, cashew brittle, and salted caramel sauce
(right) maple base, strawberries, cashew brittle and chocolate sauce