Easter is a few weeks away, and just like every year since I was a kid, I decorated Easter eggs. This year I wanted to do something different. I know Easter is about celebrating life, rebirth and the spring season. People also associate the day with pastel colors, but I’m not really into those colors; I wanted to do something more minimal and modern. After some brainstorming I finally decided to make some marble-inspired Easter eggs! I mean why not? It would be something I could leave out for display even when Easter is long over.


Nail polish (any color of your choice)
Large container

Before we start, decide whether or not you want to eat the eggs after they have been decorated. I’m not sure what’s in nail polish, but I can’t imagine it being good for consumption.  If you do plan on eating them, then I suggest you do either one of the following steps:  You could blow out the eggs by poking holes in the top and bottom of the eggs and blowing the contents out. If you’re like me and you don’t want any holes on the tops of your eggs, then I suggest doing this next step.  I cracked a hole in the bottom of my eggs, around ¾ of an inch and let the egg ooze out completely. After extracting the contents from the eggs rinse it out with water. Drain the eggs completely and lay them on a towel to allow them to dry. You can then use the extracted eggs for that quiche recipe you have always wanted to try or that cake you’ve been meaning to bake.  

To learn how to blow out an egg, here is a quick video to help you out.

Also, if possible do this project outside or in a well-ventilated area, the nail polish smell can become too strong.


Step 1: Cover your tabletop with paper to help keep the surface clean and dry.

Step 2: Fill your container three-quarters of the way up with room temperature water. Then pour a few drop of nail polish into the water.

Step 3: Using the chopstick, swirl around the nail polish making a marble pattern.


Step 4: Take an egg and submerge it into the water. Before you fully remove the egg from the water make sure to rotate the egg so that the majority of it is covered with polish.

for this part I suggest wearing rubber gloves, I learned the hard way


Step 5: Right when you lift up the egg from the water let it air dry for 15 seconds. It should dry enough for you to handle with your free hand. Let it dry on a towel for 10 more minutes before handling it. And that’s it!

That was easy wasn’t it? I had a great time using this decorating technique and I think they turned out great. Just like natural marble, the texture is never the same. Each egg comes out different and you never know what you’ll get until you take it out of the water. Not only can you use these eggs to decorate your home for easter, but you can use them all year long since they’re hollow and won’t spoil. Another great idea is to fill them with gold confetti or glitter for extra fun!

salt dough ornaments

We’re slowly gearing up for Christmas at my house and I love every second of it. Preparing for Christmas is just as fun as the holiday itself. Since my family won’t be celebrating Christmas at home this year, we decided to keep the decorations simple and save the fragile ornaments for next year. So a part of keeping our decorations simple meant no large Christmas tree; just two mini trees on our dining table. We didn’t have any mini ornaments to hang on the trees so I thought to make my own. I always wanted to make salt dough ornaments and I finally had my chance. Let me show you how to make these simple, but definitely festive ornaments and garland.

What you need:

2 cups flour
½ cup salt
¾ cup water


Tools / Equipment:

cookie cutters

You can do this in a mixer or by hand. I’m kind of lazy to do it by hand and I don’t have mixer, but luckily my Ninja blender has a paddle perfect for making dough.

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees

TIP ONE I used regular white flour and whole wheat flour. The white will give you a lighter look, while the wheat makes the ornaments a darker color with a flaky texture.

Add the water in small increments as you mix. Keep adding water until you get a doughy consistency. It should feel like playdough and should be easy to mold.

Roll the dough into ball, wrap it in plastic wrap and place it in the fridge for 8-10 minutes, allowing the dough to harden.

After you take it out from the fridge, sprinkle flour onto a clean area and roll out the dough. Try to evenly roll the dough out into a ¾ inch thickness.

Using your cookie cutters, cut out the shapes.

TIP TWO: For variety mix up cookie cutter shapes and sizes.

Then using a straw or a paperclip, cut holes for the string.

TIP THREE: Make one hole if you want to make an ornament or two holes if you want to make a garland.

Place all of the cut out pieces on a baking sheet and bake them for 30 minutes or until it turns a faint light brown. Once they  are done place them onto a cooling rack.

Once they have been cooled it’s time to decorate and string them! For decorating I used the spray painting and glittering technique from my last DIY post. When stringing the ornaments make sure you have a good length allowing for the ornament to hang. When stringing the garland allow spaces in between each shape, this will help it to rest on the branches.

Once they have been cooled it’s time to decorate and string them! For decorating I used the spray painting and glittering technique from my last DIY post (view here). When stringing the ornaments make sure you have a good length allowing for the ornament to hang. When stringing the garland allow spaces in between each shape, this will help it to rest on the branches.

A Golden Thanksgiving

As a kid, the time between Halloween and Christmas was an awkward period where I wasn’t sure if I should continue celebrating fall or if I should skip straight to the Christmas festivities. I feel guilty even thinking about skipping Thanksgiving, but Christmas has everything; festive music, amazing food, and of course, the over-the-top decorations. As I got older I realized that Thanksgiving is just as important as Christmas. It’s like the pre-season celebration to Christmas where it brings my family together. Thanksgiving doesn’t have the gaudy decorations that Christmas does, so I thought I’d bring out the sparkle a little bit early this year with my gold pumpkins! These pumpkins are perfect for brightening up your table setting and will definitely impress your dinner guests. I know this time of year can get really busy for most of us, but this project will be the easiest thing on your to-do list!

I have three different ways to decorate your leftover pumpkins from Halloween with two different materials, glitter and spray paint.

The first way to decorate your pumpkin is with glitter.


  • Paint brush

  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter

With your bush, cover the stem of the pumpkin with Mod Podge. Then to give it the drip effect cover the area around the stem and down the creases.

Let it dry for 30 seconds, then sprinkle the glitter. Once all the wet areas have been covered shake off the excess glitter. Allow the pumpkin to dry for 15 minutes before handling.

Tip: don’t over do it with the Mod Podge. Don’t get it too thick or it will drip too far down, unless you want it that way.

The second and third way to decorate your pumpkin is with spray paint.


  • Spray paint
  • Painters tape
  • Newspaper

The second way is a color blocking technique.

Lay out your newspaper, covering any surfaces you don’t want sprayed. With the painters tape, cover the part of the pumpkin you don’t want painted, either the top or the bottom half.

TIP 01- Do this activity outside or in a well-ventilated area

TIP 02- when applying the painter's tape, in order to get that straight painted edge, make sure it sticks in between the creases so that the paint does not seep through.

Once you’ve covered part of your pumpkin, you can start spraying the exposed part. One coat should do the job, but allow the paint to dry for 5 minutes before doing any touch-ups. Let them dry for 2 hours before handling.

Tip 03- Follow the directions on the can. Be sure to shake the can for the amount of time stated to allow the contents to be fully mixed.

The third way to decorate your pumpkin is to spray it all gold, because you can never have enough gold for the holidays!

With this technique, spray the top of the pumpkin with its first coat and make any touch-ups after letting dry for 5 minutes. Let the top half dry for 15 minutes before you turn it over to paint the bottom. After letting it dry fully for two hours it’s ready for decoration!

What I love about this is when you buy pumpkins for Halloween, you can then use them for Thanksgiving - a great money saver! Also, it was not hard at all and clean up was a breeze. These pumpkins are great for displaying around the house or as centerpieces. If you’re like my family and already have Christmas decorations up for Thanksgiving dinner then these will fit right in!