Fern Pumpkins

Halloween is just around the corner and I finally found time to decorate my pumpkins. This year, instead of making a giant mess from carving a pumpkin, I decided to decorate them as simple as possible. I wasn’t sure how I was going to decorate my pumpkins, but all I knew was I wanted to keep it minimal, clean and as natural looking as possible. The best place to start was with white pumpkins; they’re not what people usually associate with Halloween, but they’re minimalistic, chic and since they’re already white I didn’t have to paint them.  Next up - what do I decorate them with? As some of you might know I have two obsessions - anything marble and plants. I love succulents, tropical plants and anything in between. And so I decided to decorate my pumpkins with leaves. At first I thought I could decorate them with brightly colored fall leaves, but I wanted to be different. I felt that the fall leaves were too predictable and too holiday-ish.  Until one day as I was visiting my grandma’s house I saw a large fern bush right by her front door…then it clicked, I would decorate my pumpkins with those! They’re simple, they have a beautiful dark green color that would look perfect against the bright white pumpkins and there was so many fern leaves for me to use! So I came up with  a Mod Podge pumpkin!


White Pumpkin (any size you wish)
Fern leaves (as much as you’d like, but remember less is more)
2 bottles of Mod Podge


Foam brush

Step 1

Wash and wipe down your pumpkin, making sure it’s clean.

Step 2

Take your fern leaves, turn them over and using the sides of your scissors scrape off all of the spores. Removing all the spores will help the fern leaves adhere to the pumpkin easier.

Step 3

With the foam brush cover the back of the fern with Mod Podge. Do the same with the area of the pumpkin the fern will go on. Wait for the Mod Podge on the leaf and pumpkin to dry, this take a minute or two and  allows for both surfaces to adhere to each other.

Step 4

Once dry, cover the fern with two coats of Mod Podge, allowing the first coat to fully dry before applying the second. Give each coat at least 3 -4 minutes to dry. Mod podge applies white, but dries clear so don’t worry about it on other places than the ferns. Once your fern has fully dried repeat Step 3 and 4 until you're happy with your pumpkin. But remember, less is more! Allow you pumpkin to air dry for half an hour before handling.

I hope you loved this simple project as much as I did. It definitely turned out the way I wanted it too. Since I didn’t cut into the pumpkin, I don’t have to worry about it rotting. This way of decorating your pumpkin will definitely last for a few weeks. Given that the ferns give a fall and an au natural look,  I could also use the pumpkins as decoration for the Thanksgiving holiday, so this can serve as a decoration piece for more than one holiday!

Some quick tips

Removing the spores from the fern leaves can get messy, so I suggest covering your work space area in old newspaper for easy clean up.

When cutting the ferns I advise only using the first few inches, where the leaf is the most flexible. If you use anything further down, the stem gets stiff and will be difficult to paste onto the pumpkin. You want something that will mimic the shape of the pumpkin.

When applying coats of Mod Podge make sure the previous coat is dry. Applying a fresh coat to a wet layer will only smudge the mod podge and won’t allow for thickening.