alma botanicals

I first found out about Alma Botanicals through Instagram and was drawn to their simplicity in their ingredients, philosophy and design.

End of Summer Road Trip: 2016

Whether it’s a weekend trip to Seattle or a two-week trip to the Philippines, I love packing. There’s nothing more fun than getting everything planned out and organized.  But there hardest part is choosing things to leave behind, because the easiest way to travel is lightly.



 A few months ago I bought a hand salve from Kiehl’s that I really enjoyed and that my skin also benefited from, so I decided to try out their face products.


society cafe

Last week I went on a random stroll to the waterfront and ended up in Chinatown and ran into the new Society Café and Lounge which is part of the new Society Hotel.


Skincare: Travel Edition

Soon I'll be heading to the motherland and I'll go from cold and rainy weather to hot and humid. With drastic weather change I can't forget about my skincare!


styled comfortably

Sometimes the cold temperatures and heavy rain can make life less enjoyable than the usual. But there are upsides to winter: cozy nights by the fireplace, hot chocolate, heated seats in cars, and sweaters!